Film/TV Reel
Clips from my TV, web series, and indie film projects
Sketch Comedy Reel
A short compilation of sketches, some of which I have also written.

The Unfortunates
I've performed the world premiere, the New York premiere, and subsequent runs of this
'haunting' one-woman play about Mary Jane Kelly, Jack the Ripper's final victim.
This redux is a sampling of the more than a dozen characters I play
in just under 90 minutes on stage.


Nightwing: Escalation
An episode of the web series, as Helena Bertinelli (aka. Huntress)
Big Brother Credit Card
Keeping an eye on things since 1984... a true commercial parody


Broken Future
I play the wife of a deployed soldier in this beautiful 15 min short film,
contrasting the soldier's battle with the toll his absence takes on his family back home.