The thing about writing is, it's quiet and done behind the scenes. So while I'e been performing in front of the camera, I've also been studing sketch writing at UCB and TV writing at Gotham and Primary Stages ESPA. I have been developing an original half hour comedy series concept, that is being pitched and submitted as we speak! (or type, really), a sitcom spec (that's for Married, just click the thumbnail off to the right), and annother original series concept that's a work-in-progress.

I wrote Bagels: A Love Story for New Media Comedy TV's RANDOM THOUGHTS series. It's a rant / homage to my favorite food.





  As a founding member of STuFF Comedy, I co-wrote the sketch below with Griffin DuBois. Because sometimes you really need directions.
(Note: it may be NSFW if you have the sound on LOUD. So if you're at work, break out the headphones.


I've also spent a bunch of years writing and copy editing for big advertising and big pharma. Don't hate me cause I shill for the man.