Projects in Development

LOLA is a scripted comedy series about a freelancer who’s been working from home alone for so long, the person she talks to the most is herself. But when her neighbor down the hall dies of loneliness, literally, she decides to try and overcome her atrophied social skills to make some new friends (and survive). || The pilot script is complete and the sizzle reel is available for viewing.

Kitty Stardust and the Corner Store is a scripted half-hour comedy series about a retired stripper who moves back to her conservative New England home town to open a clothing boutique. || Kitty is being co-written alongside Ilene Fischer. After private developmental readings, the Kitty pilot will have a public reading in late 2017.

Middle Management is a scripted workplace comedy currently in the initial stages of development. Portions of the show are being workshopped at The PlayGround Experiment. || Accountability without authority.

If you are interested in working together to further develop an existing project or collaborate on a new one, please drop me a line.


After AP Journalism in high school, I only wrote when required. Eventually I stumbled into copy editing, then copywriting, at advertising agencies. Much of my work is in pharma, for healthcare professionals, so I can't share it, and even if I did, you'd have no idea what you were reading. And it might gross you out or depress you. Suffice it to say, that doesn't make for a representative professional portfolio. But aren't you glad I honor my NDAs?

Deciding to own my own words again, I studied sketch writing at UCB and TV writing at Gotham and Primary Stages ESPA. I wrote a sitcom spec for the now-defunct Married (fun shows get canceled, y'all). I wrote sketches with STuFF Comedy, including Sex Garmin, which is below, right. I wrote Bagels: A Love Story for New Media Comedy TV's RANDOM THOUGHTS series (below, left). It's a rant / homage to my favorite food.



(Note: it may be NSFW if you have the sound on LOUD. So if you're at work, break out the headphones.


I've also spent a bunch of years writing and copy editing for big advertising and big pharma. Don't hate me cause I shill for the man.